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  • Das Smyle - Starter Paket beinhaltet:

    • 2-Monats-Vorrat an Smyles 
    • Glasflasche zum Aufbewahren (leer)
    • Exklusive Smyle Reise-Box (leer)
    • Bambus Zahnbürste

    Wert: €28.87
    Unser Angebot: € 19.95 (Spare 30%)

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      Du sparst 2 Zahnpastatuben pro Paket. Kostenlose und CO2-neutrale Lieferung in ganz Europa.

      Erhältlich mit fluorid und fluoridfrei
      *Zahnärzte empfehlen, Zahnpasta mit Fluorid zu benutzen.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 367 reviews
    So easy

    I wanted to reduce my plastic consumption and had tried toothpaste tablets before from another brand, but after a few weeks I gave up on using them as my teeth never felt clean. I've been using Smyle for three weeks now and my teeth feel lovely and clean after each brush. The taste is fresh and minty but not overpowering, and I quite like not having a mouth full of oodles of foam when brushing. I'll be buying again, and I can't see a reason why I'd ever go back to toothpaste. I've already packed a supply in a tiny tub in my overnight bag, ready for when I can go on trips away again. They take up so little space and I'm not worried about them bursting open!

    Great Toothpaste tabs

    The Toothpaste tabs are easy to use, fresh, and with an average level of mint, not too much not too many. The kit is useful to start with. I personally didn't like the bamboo toothbrush, the sensation of having a stick of wood in my mouth is not very pleasant, but was the first time I used this kind of toothbrush.


    Davvero un ottimo prodotto. Di semplice utilizzo e che fa bene a noi e al pianeta

    High Cost

    Hey I have just received my starter pack of Smyles and they are indeed brilliant 👏 😀
    However I do have an issue with the cost though £14.98 for a twin pack refill when I can buy two tybes of toothpaste for half that amount and sometimes less.
    Yes it's eco friendly and obviously better for me, wildlife and the world in general but it's not better for my bank account!
    Is there any way you could reduce the price?
    Kindest regards
    Fiona 💚🌱 xxx

    works great

    It's a great product. I love the very minty and fresh taste. My children tried it as well and although it feels strange at first, they like it and started using it as well.
    I like the Smyle Travel tin, small and easy to carry around in my frequent business trips.
    And also like the idea to reduce my plastic consumption.
    Well done Smyle.