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Bambus Zahnbürste - 4er Pack

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Jedes Jahr werden 5 Milliarden Kunststoffzahnbürsten hergestellt, von denen nur ein Bruchteil recycelt wird. Unser gebogener Bambusgriff ist griffig, natürlich antibakteriell und zu 100% biologisch abbaubar. Die gerade Borstenform ist so konzipiert, dass schwer zugängliche Stellen problemlos gereinigt werden können. Wirf Plastik weg und versuch es mit Bambus!


  • Griff: 100% biologisch abbaubarer Moso Bambus
  • Borsten: BPA-freies und erdölfreies biobasiertes Nylon
  • Borstenhärte: weich

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Customer Reviews

Based on 399 reviews

Expensive, but stopped using plastic

Peter Emerson
Why can't you get the sensitive tablets in this type of subscription?

You can currently only order the sensitive tablets in small glass bottles - please let us just order refill packs!

Hi Peter, that was at the time, as we needed to see first if our customers liked them enough to want to have them in a subscription. Right now I am happy to be able to tell you that we have refills and it is possible to put them in your subscription. Send us an email please if you would like to do this.

Lorenzo Ottani
Really handy for travel

I bought this item last year and the travel tin is really useful specially if you are travelling. Since this toothpaste is solid it's perfect for travelling with plane, and the tin has the right capacity for a week long stay! Definitely recommend, I'm in love with this brand

Veselin Andreev
Fluoride content

Good afternoon, would it be possible to say how much fluoride is in one tablet (PPM)? Approximately of course :)

Our tabs contain 1450 ppm fluoride, which is exactly the amount that make dentists happy! Read more about what dentists say about fluoride: https://www.fdiworlddental.org/promoting-dental-health-through-fluoride-toothpaste

Best travel mouthwash!

Perfect addition to the toothpaste tabs, are you planning to offer refills and subscription service for the mouthwash tabs, too?

Thank you for that great idea, Svenja! Yes, that would be perfect, I fully agree.
We are currently researching a better refill procedure for the mouthwash tabs and as soon as this has been tested and approved we will move in that direction, I believe.