SMYLE - Starter Paket

Du sparst 2 Zahnpastatuben

  • Das Smyle - Starter Paket beinhaltet:

    • 2-Monats-Vorrat an Smyles 
    • Glasflasche zum Aufbewahren (leer)
    • Exklusive Smyle Reise-Box (leer)
    • Bambus Zahnbürste

    Wert: €28.87
    Unser Angebot: € 19.95 (Spare 30%)

    KAUFE 2 und spare weitere 10 % (spare 4 Zahnpastatuben) 
    KAUFE 3 und spare weitere 15 % (spare 6 Zahnpastatuben) 
    KAUFE 4 und spare weitere 20 % (spare 8 Zahnpastatuben) 
    KAUFE 5 und spare weitere 25 % (spare 10 Zahnpastatuben) 

      Du sparst 2 Zahnpastatuben pro Paket. Kostenlose und CO2-neutrale Lieferung in ganz Europa.

      Erhältlich mit fluorid und fluoridfrei
      *Zahnärzte empfehlen, Zahnpasta mit Fluorid zu benutzen.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 375 reviews
    Iris Zwiers
    Best purchase ever

    The best thing I have ever purchased. It takes some time to get used to, but once you've got the hang of it, you'll never want to go back to regular toothpaste. I've just started but it's already the best thing ever. Not only for the environment, but it works wonders for your teeth too. Very happy with Smyle.

    Nicola Veschetti
    Mai più tubetti in plastica!

    Ordinato il kit per curiosità… non posso più farne a meno! Arrivato in breve tempo e in una fantastica confezione. Adoro l’idea del dentifricio nella bottiglia di vetro al posto del tubo in plastica. Il sapore è buono e lascia la bocca fresca, sono molto soddisfatto!
    (Arrived in a short time and in fantastic packaging. I love the idea of ​​the toothpaste in the glass bottle instead of the plastic tube. The taste is good and leaves the mouth fresh, I am very satisfied!)

    Roisin Colreavy Donnelly
    Great product but a bit pricey

    My boyfriend and I love these toothpaste tablets. They have a really pleasant aftertaste, compared to many toothpastes which I find can be quite overpowering. My only criticism is that they are much more expensive than your average toothpastes. Lots of people won't use this product because the price point is outside what they can reasonably pay. Might be a nice Idea to give bigger discounts on larger packs?

    Sustainable Smyles!

    I bought this product because I am trying in my own private way to do my bit for the environment. I loved the concept of Smyle but was a bit skeptical on its effectiveness and wondered would it do the same job as the mainstream toothpaste. I was not disappointed. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and I just love it. It is so simple to use and works just as effectively as my old toothpaste. It is also so nice to see the glass bottle on my sink instead of the plastic tubes. I will never go back to mainstream toothpaste. This is the way forward. Thank you Smyle!

    Caroline Baldwin
    Livraison rapide

    Produit toujours top.